Countdown to HalloweenHausu (1977)

She eats unmarried young girls. It is the only time she can wear her wedding gown.

one of my favs

Florist - 1914
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1914 - Florist

grab me by my shoulder blades and hang me out to dry

i’m a mess and i need someone to help me out with that

my mvp


I’m addicted to taking pictures of the floor at shows….?

nice pic of my legs thx


Florist and Eskimeaux split release show @ the Silent Barn // part of the disposable life series // by Aimee Lin

miss u gabs

you should absolutely get smash. its such a great game. ah damn, i don't have animal crossing. what aboooout. pokemon?

of course i have pokemon …… all of them 

do you play super smash on 3ds? and follow up question, can i vs u if you do play? :~)

i have a 3ds but no ssb!! should i get it?? lol also if you have animal crossing we can chill in each others towns

thinking about bringing back the whbtwf tape

just ran out of free downloads on bandcamp so everything digital is a dollar until oct 14th sorry!

Oh, I was also wondering if there's been any development on merch / t-shirts? I think they were possibly going to be a thing but I may be remembering wrong. It would be a cool idea - if not no worries ^-^

yes, t shirts and other merch, probably patches (i’ve also always wanted to do hats), are going to exist sometime in the near future.  right now it’s just a matter of getting some money together, but hopefully selling the tapes will help with that!

and let the shipping anxiety begin

i just bought the tape i absolutely love your work! 1914 is my alarm on my phone and it somehow makes me not freak out and get stressed when i have to wake up early so thank you so much

hahah that’s amazing! 

Florist / Eskimeaux Split Tape


the eskimeaux + florist split tape is finally online. it contains 13 songs from our may5to12 project plus one never before heard florist song. the j-card art is screen printed by rookie mag’s very talented alyssa yohana. these are limited edition and we only have around 50 of them!

an immediate download of all songs on the tape is included with purchase.

click here to buy


Hi, my name is Olivia. I was wondering if I could have permission to use your music to post on YouTube. Of course, I'd be making no profit off of this and I would link to any websites you'd like. If you'd like to see a video similar to the kind I'd be making with your music, here's a link: www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=187pokwia7g Thanks for considering, I love your music! :)

hey - thanks for asking!  go right ahead :-) just throw a little credit link to

hi emily! is 6 days of songs going to be out on cassette? i'd love to get a physical copy. its such a nice little EP. :)) i also love that u play the omnipad (is that right) in told slant. its such a cooool instrument

hi!  Yes - we actually have cassettes that are a split with all of eskimeaux’s “song a day” songs on them as well!! I’ve been meaning to put them online so maybe i will do this today.  :-)